Russian Translation and Copywriting Services

LINGWIN provides Translation and Copywriting Services in Russian and English for businesses and individuals:

  • You decide to launch a website in the Russian Internet?
  • You need to promote your services or products in Russia?
  • You want to reach new customers in Russia or find partners among Russian companies?
  • Your business needs help to build brand awareness among Russian customers?

You and your company might need a whole set of language services then, as Russia speaks mostly Russian, and our search engines too.

How do we help? We provide you and your business with an opportunity to speak the language of your target audiences.

Entering the Russian market you would most probably need to have your business localized including:

  • Development of a Russian version of your website 
  • Russian-speaking offline advertising  (newspapers articles, magazines, billboards designs, etc.) and translation of your marketing collateral  (brochures, booklets, visual aids or catalogues)
  • Web marketing of your product in the Russian Internet (SEO, SMO, SMM)

Language Service Provider LINGWIN will assist you in all matter related to translation and localisation for reaching the Russian market.

What do we do to help you win your Russian customers?


We localize your business to the Russian market taking into account all the nuances of our people’s cultural and linguistic peculiarities, the specifics of your target audiences and all the requirements that Russian Internet marketing strategies will set out for you there.

This includes:

  • Translation of your business documents, financial reports, memos, specialised texts, private and official documents – language support in everything your business needs in Russia!
  • Development of the Russian copy for your website and SEO (search engine optimization) recommendations for its publishing (Yandex, Google)
  • SEO Copywriting for your website in .ru domain zone (your website content adaptation or Russian content development “from scratch”) together with text publishing (HTML) and on-page SEO (tags, titles, headlines, keyword placement).
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing), promotion of your websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) through on-page optimization and off-page SEO and other types of advertising. Includes Competitors and keyword research to target best possible positions in Yandex/Google SERP, website saturation and popularity, organic backlinking, web-analytics.
  • Content management for your Russian website according to the SEM plan and Yandex /Google SEO requirements.
  • Search Engine Optimization for an already translated Russian version of your website. We use only organic methods recommended by Yandex to SEO your website in Russian.
  • SMO (Social Media Optimization) and SMM (Social Media Marketing) in the Russian social media:  Twitter, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook. Public pages, groups and accounts – all to make your services or goods visible on the market!
  • Translation and Copywriting for offline advertising of your business. Printed stuff, articles, interviews – anything you can conceive of to promote yourself in the Russian market. Commercial offers, product descriptions, instructions, manuals. We localize it all!

We also can advise on the usability of your Russian website, provide SEO audit and offer you a search engine marketing plan for your websites.

We translate and localize in the fields:

  • general issues, news, blogs
  • commerce
  • economics
  • finance and banking
  • medicine and health care
  • law
  • industry (technical translations)
  • IT, telecommunications

How much do we charge for translation or localization into Russian?

It depends on the amount of text you need, on the topic and it’s difficulty level (technical translation costs higher than common topics), deadlines and other factors. Please inquire at for quotes.

You might want to get quotes promptly, in this case please fill in the form and attach a .doc/.pdf file or the URL of  your website for assessment. LINGWIN manager will email you back within 24hrs.

Also feel free to call at +78442.980611, our managers speak English and will consult you on the quotes and terms.

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